Invincible Outsourcing launched on Thursday 28 May 2009. The moment that made South African BPO history.
Invincible Outsourcing signs on 'uVuyo, the Spirit of Upliftment' to enter 1 million data forms, involving hundreds of students.

Welcome to Invincible Outsourcing

Invincible Outsourcing aims to build the number one outsourced customer-service offering in South Africa. We pledge to create happy customers who feel truly supported.

We can do this at a cost saving of up to 40% because of the innovations we've developed combining a unique educational institution, a BPO centre, and an exceptional technology backbone, provided by Presence, Inovo, ECN, Datatec, and Cisco. Our unique model means unrivalled customer service, massive training and development for the industry, the lowest staff turnover in a solution that removes thousands of young South Africans from poverty. It's a BPO revolution and education revolution that creates social upliftment while delivering a world class managed customer care solution. Be part of it!

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Service Offerings

Invincible Outsourcing focuses on inbound customer-support, and opportunities where quality customer service matters.

  • Inbound.
  • Outbound (customer-contact, including 'mystery shopper' surveys).
  • Market research/surveys with Grail Research.
  • Data capturing.

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Education Revolution

student choirInvincible Outsourcing provides the "Stepping Stones" for hundreds of young people in South Africa to gain international quality education and practical work experience.

Education initiatives

We are

Invincible Outsourcing is Customer-centric, Quality-engineered, Unbeatable, Flexible, and Forward thinking.

Unparalleled service

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