Changing the world and making it a better place!

When you make Invincible Outsourcing your choice, that's exactly what you are doing — changing the world and making it a better place!

Changing the world may seem a little exaggerated as a claim, but it is not. We invite you to come and verify the claim for yourself at out premises in Johannesburg. We have hundreds of post matric students studying for two-years 25 essential life and professional skills as a required entry into BA Degree or vocational courses in IT or BPO. These students are simply better prepared for a modern economy after graduation.

Maharishi InstituteCapable students are allowed to take up basic positions in the call centre after rigorous training in the requisite skills of a call centre agent. As the students develop their skills set, they will be allowed to take up more challenging positions in the centre. Once they have successfully mastered these skills, junior supervisory experience will be available to students who so desire. Students get real life, practical experience in a closely monitored and highly trained environment, ensuring a highly professional facility and passionate-quality service for our clients. But that is only the beginning. Students receive part of the revenue as reward for their experience, and 100% of the surplus generated from the Call Centre goes to the schools to finance the tuition of all the students.

studentsWhen you make the choice to work with Invincible Outsourcing, you choose a professional facility that delivers quality at unbeatable value for money while at the same times financing the lives and education of hundreds of students, guaranteeing them a better chance to find gainful employment after graduation, and naturally raising the quality of life for students and their families. You are changing the world, their world and ours, forever.

The "Stepping Stones Learning Academy" was founded by the founders of CIDA City Campus, the first virtually free higher education institution in South Africa. For this innovation, the Founder, Taddy Blecher, of Invincible Outsourcing, has twice been honoured in South Africa as top innovators country-wide, winning:

  • Age of Innovation Award for most innovative organization across all categories in South Africa.
  • National Productivity Institute's Chairman's Award for most innovative organization in the country.

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