Education revolution

CBE has been proven to develop total brain potential enabling agents to:

  • learn new concepts and skills more quickly and the ability to study and focus on new areas of learning.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness with the ability to get more done with more success.
  • Reduce exhaustion and tiredness daily, and have far greater stress reduction.
  • Have enhanced health.
  • Have higher levels of personal motivation, a profound competitive advantage which results in agents who go the extra mile for customers, and to happier clients who will consistently enjoy greater levels of professionalism and positive feelings in their dealings with agents.

studentsAll our students learn and practice Transcendental Meditation, and over time the TM-Sidhi programme of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to ensure the lowest possible stress levels, and greatest levels of happiness in the agents, ensuring the most highly positive and helpful individuals on the other end of the phone.

Over 600 scientific studies have shown the benefit of these approaches to individuals, to education, to work-life and professionalism. Agents practise Yoga postures and Yoga breathing exercises daily as well. In this way, we are confident of the best customer service, performance delivery, and up-time, which we truly believe will be unmatched in the industry in South Africa.

Lots of Invincible People together, create an Invincible Nation...but more about that later...or see...

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