At Invincible Outsourcing we will only take on work that we feel can deliver to a high degree of quality.

A totally new business model

We all know that quality 'costs' money. However, by combining a unique educational institution, with a BPO&O operation, and a flexi-staffing company, all within one facility, we are able to offer high quality at lower cost. In the process, we address many of the major concerns facing the call-centre industry today.

Our unique solution means:

  • Limited agent turnover, offering sustainable higher quality. Why? because our agents are highly motivated and committed, as Invincible Outsourcing is more than just a job, it is a door into a new and better education, career, and future.
  • Minute-by-minute performance-tracking statistics, so our clients can keep a finger on the pulse of every campaign.
  • State of the art call centre facilities.
  • Happier customers, through passionate customer service excellence: the holistic environment created means agents genuinely feel the passion.
  • Daily management of the typical high levels of stress in BPO creates instead joyous, efficient and effective agents. It puts a genuine and lasting smile on the faces of the agents that the customer on the other end of the line can feel.
  • Our unique variable-cost model, allows prompt scaling up or down in line with your needs and in-built financial resilience, without compromising quality.
  • An organisation focused on a niche market.
  • Flexi-staffed labour-approach benefits the agents as well as you.
  • A large pool of quality agents that continues to grow.
  • Agents with an 'understandable accent'.

Problems in the industry
(which our solution finds unique ways to solve)

When we talk to prospective clients about call centres in South Africa and around the world, they often cite the following concerns:

  • High staff turnover incurring high costs of recruitment, training, and re-training.
  • Incompetence.
  • Poor cost competitiveness in relation to other off-shoring destinations.
    • Cost of tele-communications.
    • Cost of labour.
    • Cost of flexi-staffed labour.
    • Cost of operations.
    • Capital cost of establishment.
  • Insufficient pipeline of quality agents at agent and middle management level.
  • Consistent, passionate customer service excellence in an 'understandable accent' by agents who are genuinely feeling the passion.
  • High levels of stress leading to burnout, absenteeism, substance abuse, and other HR issues.

Invincible Outsourcing is built on quality names you can trust!

Call centre software:
Inovo Presence System

Network infrastructure provider:

Routers and Switches:
Cisco Systems


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