We know that you need unbeatable quality from your call centre agents at an unbeatable price. We know that it would be worth your while to talk to Invincible Outsourcing for unbeatable prices, unbeatable quality and an unbeatable solution, right now!

Cost leadership

We know that value is more than simply price, it is a package. When you work with Invincible Outsourcing, your package will contain:

  • Costs reduced by up to 40% and these cost savings passed directly on to you.
    • Having no interest-bearing debt, the use of building space in the city, equipment and software largely paid-off, and our unique business model gives us the flexibility to propose to you unbeatable low prices without endangering customer service and quality.
    • Our telecommunications' partnerships help reduce ongoing telecommunications costs by up to 40% comparatively.
    • Consistent labour costs with improved comparative performance.
    • A consistent and growing pipeline of quality agents from which to draw for any assignment reduces training and other HR costs.
  • Our variable-cost model, allows prompt scaling up or down in line with your needs without compromising quality.
  • Offering a true broad-based empowerment initiative, and the status of being the first private non-profit outsourced provider, means you can save even more.

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